Famous for 10 minutes!

Name    Luke                      

Job Title               Head Stockman

Date started       August 2020                       

Your role within the business                   

I assist with all day to day running of the farm along with Eric and this includes all the welfare of our animals and growing crops which feed our animals. So, my days are busy and full on.

Feeding- we feed the pigs cake and not the chocolate type! the cake they eat is full of protein, fibre, and energy not something you would enjoy with a cup of tea!

Our Aberdeen Angus Beef cattle graze the pastures during the summer. However, during the winter, they are inside where we feed them a mixture of grass and maize silage which is grown on the farm.


Bedding down. During the winter when the animals are indoors, we must do a bit more housekeeping and tidying up after them, like us they have beds and daily we make up the beds and replace the straw. When its extra cold we add more straw as the pigs like to burrow and huddle together to keep warm.


Welfare. Just like us we keep an eye on the growth rate of our animals and have charts that we follow so we can monitor their weight, this is done so we can keep them healthy and lean.


Farm housekeeping. This as you can imagine is constant upkeep, we have a lot of fences that we need to make sure are all sturdy and in place as we do not want animals taking themselves off for a walk! Around the perimeter of the farm, we have hedgerows that need trimming, and these can only be done by law at certain times of the year, and ditches that require cleaning and digging out.


Now that the weather is starting to improve, we can get back out on the fields. At this time of year, we start putting fertiliser on the wheat and grass crops which will help them grow.



Favourite foods – I do love my beef and cannot beat a steak & Ale pie or a double cheeseburger!!!           

What you enjoy doing in your free time, hobbies etc? – Socialising with my friends over a few beers and paddle boarding when the sea is warmer!                                                          

If you won, the lottery? – I would buy a farm!!! So, watch out Eric in case my numbers come up!!