Chicken Thighs – free range


Our dark, succulent and tender free-range chicken thighs come with the skin on and the bone in so that whilst you are cooking them the meat stays deliciously moist and full of flavour. Chicken thighs are best for stews and casseroles or baked glazed with tasty spices. Try roasting the thighs with root vegetables in a sweet and tangy maple and orange glaze for a delicious homemade meal!

4 approx 500gm

£0.70 / 100g


Pack of 4

Our free-range chicken is reared locally in Dorset at Piddle Valley Chicken by Kev, a third-generation farmer who has always been passionate about all things feathered. Kev’s birds are truly free-range and are free to scratch, peck and forage in grass filled paddocks and live off of a natural diet of corn, grass and clover. Piddle Valley chicken live in small flocks with plenty of room to stretch their wings and grow at their own pace in to the deliciously tender and succulent birds that they are.