Pork Dice (400g)


Our diced pork is prime meat cut from the leg and is perfect for casseroles, kebabs and curries. Why not try stir fried pork with ginger and honey? Brown the pork in a wok and add ginger, garlic, pepper and mange tout. Meanwhile in a small bowl mix cornflower and a teaspoon of water with soy sauce and honey. Reduce the heat and drizzle the sweet sauce in with the pork and vegetables, allowing it to thicken. Serve with fresh Egg noodles for a healthy Asian dish!

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Our pork is sourced from West End Farm, Wiltshire, where the animals are reared to the highest welfare standards endorsed by RSPCA ‘freedom foods’ accreditation. The animals are reared outdoors and slowly mature in a natural environment before moving to loose straw yards where the conditions are just right for producing pork which is neither too fat nor too lean. Our expert butchers hand-prepare the cuts and joints, scoring the fat for perfect crispy crackling every time!

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