Turkey (Free range)


Our Free Range Bronze Turkeys are reared at Glebe farm, Owermoigne by the Chilcott family.

4 – 5kg Turkey will feed 8 – 10 servings ***SOLD OUT***
5 – 6kg Turkey will feed 10 – 12 servings
6 – 7kg Turkey will do 12 – 14 servings
7 – 8kg Turkey will feed 14 – 16 servings
8 – 9KG Turkey will feed 16 – 20 servings ***SOLD OUT***

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The Chilcott family produce their turkeys in accordance with a quality assurance code. The code covers all aspects of production to ensure the highest standards. The facilities and production methods are independently inspected. They start with special slow growing breeds and rear them to full maturity at a minimum of 20 weeks of age, with freedom to roam on grassland in the daytime from 8 weeks old.
The birds are processed on the farm using traditional methods, the birds are plucked, finished by hand and hung in a cold store for at least a week, to allow the meat to tenderise and develop its full flavour

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