About Foots Eggs

Over the last 60 plus years of trading and three family generations later we have grown a customer base across the south west of more than 800 businesses!! Some have been with us since day one.

From restaurants, hotels, cafes, and shops to substantially sized wholesalers and dairy’s etc.

From humble beginnings, humble is what we have remained, and customer service is the key to our business.

As a business we too have changed over the years and as we have expanded, we have teamed up with local family run farms and free-range egg producers throughout Dorset Somerset and Devon to keep up with demand!

We believe in working closely with our producers and our customers and believe everyone should get a fair deal, and when purchasing eggs from an outlet that stocks foots eggs you as an individual are not only supporting that shop you are supporting a whole host of people and that’s why we need to keep buying local and supporting local people and businesses and supporting British farms!