How do we make our sausages?

Our expert butcher Steve hand ties all of our sausages. Early each morning he gets to work, freshly crafting the sausages from prime cuts of pork shoulder.
All of our sausages are made from West End Farm pork. The Naughton Family have been farming for generations. Cameron is a third-generation multi award-winning farmer who rears his pigs outdoors to the highest welfare standards. Raised in a natural environment, these pigs are free to roll about in the mud, truffle and forage.
Get together with your friends and family to celebrate Hot Dog Day on the 18th July 2018. We’ve got everything you need!


Plain Pork

Simple and succulent, these sausages are an all-time favourite. A traditional sausage packed full of rich, meaty flavour our plain pork sausages are the perfect sausage for any and all hot dogs!


Pork & Apple

These delicious sausages are perfect for a hot dog with a sweet alternative flavour. For something a bit special on hot dog day why not try wrapping in streaky bacon?


Pork & Leek

A little bit special and a little bit different, pork and leek are a real favourite flavour for all ages. Try with caramelised onions and thick gravy for a British pub twist!


Pork Hot Spanish Style

Fancy something a bit spicy? Then these are the sausages for you! Why not try with a sweet apple relish?


Pork, Apple and Cider Sausages

The sun is out, the sky is blue, and we’ve got the perfect summer sausage for you! A succulent sweet pork and apple sausage with local Purbeck Cider.


Pork Chipolatas

These tasty traditional sausages are perfectly seasoned and taste incredible in even in the simplest of hot dogs! A firm winner at every family dinner table, these little sausages wont be going to waste!


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