Where do we get our pork?

Situated in the rolling hills of Wiltshire, West end farm is home to the Naughton family and their pigs. Cameron, a third-generation multi award-winning farmer, rears his pigs outdoors to the highest welfare standards. The pigs are raised in a natural environment and are free to truffle and forage outdoors from dawn until dusk.

How do we cure our bacon?

Once the Wiltshire pork arrives Steve gets to work. He bones the pork loins and cuts the skin off. He then cuts the fat off the loin, and carefully trims the ends to make sure it has a nice neat eye.
Once satisfied with his cut, Steve mixes up our special home cure. He uses 30g of cure mix per 1 kilo of pork loin, smothering the loin for a real full flavour. Our unsmoked bacon is dry-cured for a delicious traditional flavour, and our smoked bacon has a strong, hearty flavour. He then vacuum packs the loin and leaves to cure for 10 days, turning each day. Once the bacon is cured, he slices it and packs it up, ready for delivery!