Its national picnic week! And we have created a blog of a few brilliant picnic hacks and tips to share with you!

Condiments caddy

Cover an empty six pack holder with a pretty patterned wrapping paper and use to carry your favourite condiments and other picnic essentials including napkins and cutlery! Another useful tip is to use an empty tic-tac container for salt, pepper and spices if you want to bring them along.

Keep bugs away

When the creepy crawlies and flying insects want to join you on your picnic, it can be a nuisance to spray them and it doesn’t smell very nice either! Take a couple of citronella candles or create your own candle jars filled with essential oils, lemons and water to keep the bugs at bay! To keep them out of your drinks you can use upside down cupcake cases with a straw poked through.

Wet grass

A handy tip if to take a shower curtain along with you if the weather has been wet! You can put the curtain down with your picnic blanket on top to stop it from getting wet!


Watermelon and other fruit is delicious but can become a sticky mess. Push a lolly stick into the fruit or make fruit kebabs to avoid sticky fingers! Make sure you pack some wipes or an anti-bac gel for a more hygienic finger food feast! Grapes can also be frozen and used instead of ice cubes – they wont melt and once defrosted they are a delicious snack.

Happy Packing

Don’t fancy a soggy sandwich? Use parchment paper instead of plastic – you can tie it or tape it down. Mason jars are the way forward – you can use them to store salads, drinks and even desserts! Freeze bottled drinks and use them to keep your other food cool. On hot sunny days you will appreciate a cool refreshing water instead of a warm one!