Christmas Game

christmas game from jurassic coast farm shop

Our Christmas game range includes duck, venison and partridge, all packed full flavour, smaller birds are great choices for alternative Christmas dinners.

Venison is filled with essential proteins, vitamins and minerals and is also a lot lower in fat than other red meats. Our duck is raised on a family farm in Devon, reared to the highest welfare standards and are considered to be one of the best in the UK. Our locally shot wild partridge comes readily prepared for the oven. An excellent source of protein and iron, this lean meat needs less time in the oven than chicken and is best served pink and juicy.

Our Christmas range is packed full of all the essential food for a perfect Christmas.

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Order today for delivery to:
Dorset: Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd December
Outside Dorset: Wednesday 20th December and Thursday 21st December
Collect from the Farm Shop: Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd December

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