Jurassic Beast


Save Over £20
The ‘Jurassic Beast’ box has been created in order that customers can fill the freezer up and save money. All the cuts in this box are from our free range high welfare producers based in Dorset and Wiltshire. Our expert butchers hand prepare all the products and are cut fresh on the date the orders are dispatched.



Beef Brisket Joint 1kg
Beef Rump Steak 2 x 170g
Beef Sirloin Steak 2 x 170g
Beef Ribeye Steak 2 x 170g
Beef Mince 2 x 400g
Beef Dice 2 x 400g
Lamb Chops (pack of 4)
Lamb Dice 2 x 400g
Unsmoked Back Bacon 4 x 240g
Pork Chops 2 x 500g
Pork Belly Slices 500g
Whole Free Range Chicken
Chicken Fillets Free Range 4 x 360g
Veal Escalope 300g
Pork Sausages 2 x 400g
Pork & Apple Sausages (Gluten Free) 2 x 400g

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