Household Favourites Large


2 x 400g Beef Mince
2 x Chicken fillets (2 per pack)
2 x Salmon fillets (2 per pack)
2 litres Milk
2 box Eggs
2kg New Potato
1kg Carrots
2 punnits of Cherry Tomatoes
300g Fine green beans
1 Savoy cabbage
2 Cucumber
2 packs of Little gem lettuce
500g Mushrooms
2 packs of Spinach
2kg Bananas
2kg Apples
1kg Pasta
2 Coastal Cheddar

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Save over 10% with this one stop shop box which will provide enough food for 4 poeple for a week.

Please note that this a ‘one-off’ box and if you would like to purchase this weekly then you will need to place an order each time.

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Weight 9.999 kg