BBQ’in is always great fun, especially when the sun is shining! And in celebration of national BBQ week we have written this blog to give you some of our BBQ tips!

Its all about your preference…

This blog will give you a few of our BBQ tips but in the end, it is all about your preference. You know the meats you and your family love, and your favourite rubs and flavours!
Keep it simple
You don’t need exotic herbs and spices to have a brilliant BBQ. You might be surprised how much flavour salt and pepper can add. Here at Jurassic Coast Farm Shop we offer a wide selection of delicious meats, burgers and sausages with the option of different flavour glazes.

Pick the right meat

When you purchase grass-fed, free-range meat then you know your meat will be succulent, tender and full of flavour! After you have cooked the meat, let it sit for a few minutes so the juices settle. Another tip is not to poke or prod the meat whilst it cooks, as it creates little holes from which the juices can escape, and this dries the meat out.

Have the tools

To make your life easier you need a decent pair of tongs and a heavy-duty oven glove. It’s advisable to keep a spray bottle with water in nearby, to dampen any flames that may flare from the fire. Keep a plate at the ready so you can serve skewers, wings and other starter nibbles, as soon as they are cooked.

Hands off!

Once your food is on the BBQ or grill, do your best not to touch it. Let it sit for a few minutes to get a good sear. If timed correctly meats, especially burgers, steaks and chops, only need to be flipped once. The meat needs room to cook evenly so never overcrowd the grill. Another tip is to have a ‘safe zone’ or area that is not over direct heat that allows you to move your meat around accordingly, so nothing burns. Love a good skewer? If you soak the wooden skewer in water, it avoids burning.


Whether you go for a classic potato salad, corn on the cobs, caramelised onions or a simple cous cous, a tasty side dish always goes down a treat and it really balances out the meal! A handy tip is to use a muffin tray to serve your condiments in. A couple of spoonfulls of your fav sauces in each hole keeps the table tidy as it can become cluttered with hundreds of bottles and jars! Another tip is to use cake cases upside down over your drink with a straw poked through to keep your drink covered so no bugs can fall in!

Easy Clean Up

Everyone loves a BBQ but not everyone loves to clean up afterwards! Our advice? Line your BBQ with aluminium foil to avoid grease build up and it also stops meats and fish from sticking. Another unusual tip is to use half an onion on a fork! The oils of the onion will clean the grit off with ease.

Remember it takes an adventurous spirit and a lot of practice to master the BBQ! Trial and error is essential to find the perfect BBQ’in flavours for you!