Why choose Jurassic coast farm shop.!

When you choose to shop with us not only are you supporting a local business you are supporting much more!

Did you know that we are based directly on our farm, in fact the whole business is operated from one of our converted barns and no we didn’t just clear the straw out before we moved in !! We have a state-of-the-art purpose-built butchery department with a brand new vegetable cold store and dispatch bay that we dispatch all your orders from.

Our team hand picks your items into your shopping baskets ready for the fleet of refrigerated delivery vans to hit the road and on their way to you.

As we are farmers we do a lot of farming “stuff” such as drive tractors around, trim hedges and plant maize…..but of course we do a lot more than that, we have a herd of over 280 Aberdeen Angus beef cattle that happily spend their time munching through the green grass pastures, as our herd are all grass fed and are free to roam around the field.

We also have over 150 pigs to look after and being mischievous pigs, they get up to all sorts!! Knocking things over, playing and chasing each other around. The pigs are all outdoor reared apart from the winter months when they are brought in to protect them from the harsh winter weather.


But why choose us?

We believe and so do our many customers that our meat is the best around, we dry age our beef on the bone for 28 days as this ensure the perfect eating qualities that sets us apart from the mass of supermarkets. We also champion local food producers from around Dorset and we personally taste each product making sure that we are happy before we decide to sell and believe me when I say it is a tough job…. but it has to be done. Tasting the delights of Purbeck chocolate, Holway kitchens Bearnaise sauces and Chesil Smokery smoked salmon to name but a few!!

So not only buying from us supports our business you also lend a hand supporting many other smaller businesses.

We are small enough to care but large enough to deliver nationwide.