Spring is here!

All of the cattle here on our farm are finally back out in the fields and as you can see in our video they were very happy to be out in the sunshine!

You might be wondering why the cattle are housed during the winter. Well although we are now enjoying this beautiful sunshine, we have had some extreme Great British weather! Where we can wrap up warm and have a nice hot cuppa, the cattle cannot and so we bring them inside, so they can stay warm and cosy throughout the winter months. The barn they stay in is spacious, cleaned regularly, well aired and full of natural light so the cattle are comfortable throughout their time indoors. Eric and James manage the cattle indoors daily to make sure they stay healthy. Whilst indoors the cattle eat a natural diet of home grown forage silage grass and maize.

Now we are into Spring, the cattle have been released back into the fields where they will be free to roam and graze the lush green pastures here on our farm until next winter. Early morning before sunrise each day, Eric leaves the farmhouse and begins his work. He visits the cattle and checks them over to make sure they are all happy and healthy. Every three weeks they are all moved into a different field with fresh grass to ensure that the cattle have more than enough to feed on. Once a month Eric gets the cattle in to check their weights and growth rates, which is a useful tool to make sure they are all healthy.

Grass-fed cattle are the healthiest as they eat the most natural and nutrient rich diet. This diet means that the meat produced is much higher in antioxidant vitamins, minerals and are lower in saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Not only does the beef have a much happier and healthier life, the meat is better for your health and much tastier!