BBQ top tips


We all love a BBQ but to BBQ properly there are some definite must do rules to abide by!! In the UK, charcoal is usually bought in a rush from a petrol station car park as soon as the sun peeks its head around a cloud. But being prepared can make a huge difference, because the charcoal you use changes the way your food tastes. We recommend lump wood charcoal – the stuff that looks like burnt tree – because it will give the best flavour. It is unadulterated and natural.


  • Don the cheesy T shirt, hat and some must have cooling refreshments to hand, as the BBQ king aka Lord of the Tongs will definitely need these.
  • Make sure that the flames have died down and that the coals are white hot, I like to set my BBQ up, so I have a hot cooking spot and an area that is slightly cooler to cook sausages and chicken drumsticks on.
  • Leave the charcoal to burn for around 20-30 minutes, or until the flames have died and the charcoal is glowing and covered in a layer of white ash. this will give you the perfect temperature for cooking.
  • If you are using a marinade, if it’s an oily one make sure you scrape the excess off otherwise it will flare up and taint the food horribly.
  • Do not be scared of seasoning – salt and pepper can really bring out the flavour of the steak. Sprinkling flaked sea salt and white pepper – more subtle than black pepper – onto a steak marinated in olive oil is best.
  • Butterfly chunkier pieces of meat to make them flatter and thinner – this will help them cook more quickly, which will help them stay tender.
  • Take your time and put on the items first that will take longer to cook such as chicken drumsticks, think oven, place these over the cooler cooking zone and allow a good 15 mins to cook these fully, turning every now and then. You will be surprised how well they will cook away from direct heat!
  • With all things take time and planning will deliver you and your friends some great memories, so don’t forget the sides, salads and breads, just a simple summer salad of ripe tomatoes and cucumber lightly seasoned with sea salt and a splash of red wine vinegar can reach new heights !!! if your feeling adventurous how about knocking up some flat breads…. see recipe.
  • How about a cool refreshing summer punch, or some beers to really party on….and talking of party don’t forget the music.

BBQ must haves

Proper lump wood charcoal