Flat iron steak open sandwich

We all love a sandwich, sarnie, bap! but here’s our ultimate steak version that you’ll love

  • 1 x 170g flat iron steak
  • Sour dough
  • Closed cup mushrooms
  • Cherry vine tomatoes
  • Sweet mustard ketchup
  1. Un wrap the steaks and allow to come to room temperature,
  2. Take a ribbed pan or heavy frying pan and heat up.
  3. Season the meat well and place in the very hot pan, allowing to cook both sides. Take meat out and allow to rest.
  4. Add a knob of butter to the pan and cook the mushrooms and vine tomatoes, again seasoning well.
  5. Add these to the steaks to keep warm,
  6. cut the sour dough into a thick slice, drizzle both sides with olive oil, and place onto the hot pan, pressing down to soak up all those cooking I always like my sour dough slightly charred
  7. spread the mustard ketchup over the bread, pile the mushrooms and steak onto the bread and top with the tomatoes.


Warning this is extremely Moorish and you’ll need a napkin handy !!