Beef Rump Steak


Our succulent Beef Rump steaks are an inexpensive yet incredibly tasty cut. The rump steak is ideal for frying or griddling. Remember to leave the steak to rest beforehand for at least half the cooking time to allow it to relax.

One steak per pack

For a quick Chinese style crispy sweet chilli dish, cut the steak into strips and dip into a bowl of whisked Egg. Roll generously in cornflower and fry the coated meat in a pan with plenty of oil until it becomes golden and crispy. Drizzle sweet chilli sauce over the meat and accompany with a crunchy stir fry and fresh Egg noodles!


Reared on our family farm in Dorset on the Jurassic Coast, our beef animals are free to roam the fields eating a natural diet of fresh grass. Here at Fossil Farm, we have always taken pride of using traditional agricultural methods of farming to maintain a very high standard of animal welfare and to sustain the environment. We leave our beef to mature for 18 months before hanging to dry-age for 28 days, which enhances the tenderness and gives it exquisite rich flavour. Grass-fed free-range beef has higher amounts of omega-3 and if full of antioxidant vitamins and minerals because of the animal’s natural diet. It has also been found that grass-fed beef has less total fat and is lower in saturated fat than other beef, which makes it the best meat you can eat!

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