Pork Tenderloin


Our pork tenderloin, also known as the fillet, is a tender cut from the inside loin. The leanest pork cut available, the tenderloin is easy to cook and ideal for quick roasting. Be careful not to over-cook as it will dry out. For a real treat, smother with Dijon Mustard and serve with a homemade bacon and apple stuffing.

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Our pork joints are sourced from our own farm and are hand picked to give you the very best quality from our Fossil Farm Pork.

Our farm buys piglets in from a friendly herd of outdoor reared pigs and are then slowly matured in a natural environment before moving to loose straw yards where the conditions are just right for producing pork which is neither too fat nor too lean. Our expert butchers hand-prepare the cuts and joints, scoring the fat for perfect crispy crackling every time!

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