Pork Roasting guide 


Pork – for perfect crackling always start off in a hot oven until the fat is starting to crisp then turn down the heat without opening the oven door, top tip do not baste the meat as it will not turn into crackling. Slow roasting pork renders the fat and bastes the meat creating a wonderfully moist and tender joint.

Drizzle with oil rubbing sea salt into the scored skin, roast on a bed of vegetables in a hot oven 220.c gas 7 for 30 mins or until the skin has crisped up, then reduce heat to 160.c gas 3 and roast for a further 35 minutes per KG and adding on 15 minutes at the end of the cooking time, always  allow to rest for 25-30 mins before carving.

Roasting this way will give you a lovely crispy crackling with the meat meltingly tender.